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It will be hard to find a person who wasn’t amazed by seeing a whale in person. It’s an experience a person will never forget. People seem to have a fascination with whales for many reasons. Obviously, since whales are the biggest animals on the planet today, they stand out and people can’t believe how immense they really are. Even though they’re enormous, whales are generally gentle. Like dolphins, they are social, travel in groups, and seem to like humans.

Sri Lanka is not only well known for its breath-taking sightings, just off the coast of Trincomalee swims the majestic blue whale, the largest creature on earth. Only in few places in the world, is it possible to see these ocean giants so close to shore.

Following the rapid development of Whale Watching Tours on Sri Lanka’s South and West Coast, Trincomalee is rapidly standing up as an internationally important whale-watching destination. Sri Lanka is also situated within the International Whaling Commission’s protected zone, while Trincomalee is normally regarded as the best place for this seasonal activity in the country.

Blue whales in particular (plus smaller numbers of sperm whales) can regularly be seen around six to eight nautical miles east of Trincomalee (about 30min by boat), Dolphins (mainly Spinner) are also regularly seen. Most sightings occur between March/April and August/September, as whales continue their migrations around the island from the south coast to east coast. The boat leaves the shore of Trincomalee by 6.30 AM and mineral water bottles will be provided complimentary.