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The legendary hot springs believed to have been built by the ancient Sri Lankan king Ravana, in order to complete the last rites of his deceased mother. The springs are located about 8 to 9 kilometers away from Koneshwaram Temple.

There are seven wells in a square shape. Wells are only 3–4 feet deep and you can clearly see the bottom. The temperature is considerably high but varies from one spring to another. In the ancient time, there was a Buddhist temple complex in this site and the entrance is a part of a Buddhist monastery. Today this site is under the authority of Sri Lankan Archaeological department. People believe that this hot water is good for some skin diseases and it has healing power for Arthritis and Rheumatic.

A Stupa mound belonging to the early Anuradhapura period and an inscription of 1-2 centuries A.D. were found from the recent archaeological excavations done at the site. The inscription reveals that the waters of five tanks located in nearby area were reserved for the usage of Buddhist monks who were residing in a temple.

The vehicles have to be parked outside the gate to the springs. Wooden fenced areas regulate the flow of visitors to a single file, passing by the ticket counter.