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Hiriwadunna is a rural village located in Habarana in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. If you wish to meet the country folks, this is one of the ideal spots. This charming village shaded on either side by a dry zone shrub forest, with unpaved gravel paths and humble village folk - will give you a chance to witness the environment of a typical Sri Lankan village life.

This village tour begins with a short walk along to a man-made reservoir. You will encounter amazing birdlife, butterflies and crocodiles during your walk.

Mount a bullock cart on a dirt track for a traditional travel experience that lasts roughly fifteen to thirty minutes. You will ride across scrub lined mud paths; rice fields; picturesque Hiriwadunna Lake that will leave you with a sense of peacefulness and enjoy the cool breeze along with the spectacular views. Also, you will see the villagers as they go about their early morning tasks of fishing, or washing clothes at the periphery of the lake.

Your ride will stop at the bank of the artificial reservoir where rows of colourful catamarans arranged. Enjoy a boat ride across the serene water blanketed with lily pads. The local boatman will make a hat using a lily pad and a lotus flower which you can wear for the rest of your tour. You will see the wonderful views of Sigiriya rock in the distance. Also, you will witness large variety of dry zone bird life while you are paddling across the water.

Upon reaching the shore you will be escorted to a local home where your authentic Sri Lankan lunch will be cooked. You can go to the rural vegetable cultivation near by and pick some freshly grown vegetables you like to have for your mouth-watering lunch. With fresh ingredients in hand start the cooking demonstration with the women in the house. She will teach you about the authentic wood fire stove, clay pots and ancient tools that used to prepare meals at local houses. As far as the food goes, get ready for delectable curries, perfectly fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, which makes for home-cooked food at its absolute best! On full and happy stomachs, you will say goodbye to your new friends in Hiriwadunna village board a Tuk-Tuk and enjoy a breezy ride back to the starting point.