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This tour has been created for world food lovers who want to discover numerous super-authentic (local proven favorite) food stops along the way and learn local and professional cooking techniques. You will have the opportunity to study and learn the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisine from local street food destinations. Sri Lankan food is known for its “rice and curry”, a daily dish made up of white rice, several vegetable curries and a meat or fish curry. We guarantee you will experience some of the best local cuisines this beautiful city has to offer. This tour is not for the faint-hearted, as you will be taken to some very local street food destinations. We can accommodate anyone and everyone on this tour as we have many options (vegetarian and non-spicy included).

Sri Lanka is renowned for its unique food culture, which has been shaped by many historical, cultural and other factors. From the wide range of staples to spicy curries to sweets to street food, the cuisine of Sri Lanka is full of flavor and variety. On this tour, your get to experience the sights, sounds and especially smells of the country at its finest. There's nothing more satisfying to eat in Sri Lanka than a nutritious plate of rice and curry. Sri Lankan cuisine has a personality all its own, can range from mild to unapologetically spicy and yet worth the burn. At certain spots, you can learn about the Sri Lankan food culture and how these unique dishes are prepared.

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