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Belihuloya River

The Belihuloya is a place where most guests spend time sometimes indulging themselves in activities rarely available elsewhere in the world. For example, ‘Fish therapy on the river’, a short swim in the ‘Natural pool on the river’ or a ‘Water therapy/massage in a ‘Natural Jacuzzi’ on the river. Originating in pristine nature reserve Horton Plains and cascading creating waterfalls such as ‘Baker’s Falls’, ‘Galagama Falls’ and many other small falls and thumping its way down through thousands of boulders in a stretch of over 4 km, waters of river Belihuloya reaches the valley called Ulugalathenna about 2000 meters below. It is this arduous journey that provides the greatest natural purification through a natural oxidizing process making it the purest. You as a traveler have get the most soothing effect and relaxation to your body and soul free of charge through Belihuloya River.

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