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The handicrafts village in Sigiriya was established in 2003 and it has facilities for maintenance of a number of various fields of handicraft. 48 stalls have been set up in this village for handicraftsmen. Local artisans who specialize in woodwork, brass, ceramics, and leatherwork shop their wares can be found here.

There are also facilities which involve the craftsmen to keep direct trade connections within the customers without intermediaries and also for the customers so that they can buy goods directly and easily from the manufacturers. The craftsmen are also allowed to sell their goods and products by stating the way they are selling the items.

If you wish to buy authentic fabrics and other items of Sri Lanka, step into the village and you will be exposed to various shops selling batiks, brass-works, ornamental pots, handloom textiles, wood carvings and silver jewellery. Shopkeepers let the visitors to witness the craftwork of the craftsmen as well. Nice place to hang out for some time and buy a souvenir for the journey. 

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