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Sri Anjaneyar worship dawned in Sri Lanka by Our Chandrasekara swamiji. It is new era for Anjaneyar devotees. Anjaneyar worship increased in Sri Lanka.   Our Sri Anjaneyar temple is the first one established on 30th June 1996 at 3/11 Bodhirukkarama Road, Kalubowila Dehiwala.

There are two epics called as Ramayana & Mahabharata. It is most valuable & precious gift for Hindus. Hinduism has been called as Sanathana dharma. Incarnation of Vishnu’s mission that both epics in Ramayana Sri Rama to establish the dharma and destroy demons and in Mahabharata Sri Krishna “thushta nigraha sishtaparipalana”. Siranjeevi Anjaneyar performed his duty according to Rama & Sri Krishna.

We have to think and always to remember that Sri Chandrasekara Swamigal not only founder of this first temple in Sri Lanka devotee of Anjaneyar and devotee’s devotee. We can’t look for sincere devotee and founder in this era. Before we think about Anjaneyar temple history, that we have to how swamigal performed with hundred percent efforts and overlook personal history. Sanskrit ‘Kuha’ means that deepest hiding cave. Anjaneyar devotees increasing day by day because of the enlighten preaching of our Sri Chandrasekara Swamigal springs from Kuha (inner deepest Heart). Childhood of the swamigal skilled performance is able to visualize through Anjanam that whatever occurrence can be relayed. In Hinduism, that there are main six twigs of deities such as Siva, Vishnu, Shakthi, Ganapathy, Murugan and sun that they are followed by Saivism Vaisnavaism, Shaktham, Ganapthiyam, Gowmaram and Chowram.

Srimath Chandrasekara swamigal established First Temple in Sri Lanka and a first chariot in the world for Sri Rama’s beloved devotee Anjaneyar. How this temple creative idea dawned? Swamigal while he working as purchasing officer at Swed. Lanka Engineering Ltd also be performed Anjaneyar’s prayer at home in Ranajeyagama Dehiwala. He Shifted to 75 1/1, Allen Avenue Dehiwala. Then increase the time for longtime prayers as usual. One of his friends has observed this and when swamigal was free he has told about his problems. Swamigal told to come next day for the prayers. He came and observed and completely devoted with the prayers. Then this has spread to the people and day by day devotees have been increased.

In 1998 Launched a first ever chariot for Anjaneyar in this phenomenon world. After ten days yaga Pooja Anjaneyar Jayanthi festival grandly celebrated and chariot procession begins at 8:00 am and accomplished in the evening 6:00pm. Prior to chariot festival begin holy water of Seeta Eliya soil and twig of the tree bring it offer Pooja. After that only chariot moves from the place. Visitors are advised to wash hands and feet before entering the temple and not to cross hands inside the temple. The chariot festival is held annually end Dec/ beginning of January.

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