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The peaceful lagoon located at the Kalpitiya is a high ranked destination of Sri Lankan attractions. The Kalpitiya is in the North West coastline of Sri Lanka brings you an unforgettable experience in your life. Kalpitiya is concerned as a place where you can entertain the precious gifts of nature. The park is separated into two fields by a sand bank. Being located on a sea shore you can go for dolphin and whale watching which may be an exciting experience. Riding through sea waves on a boat will recall you that this would be the perfect vacation that you ever had.

Your boat ride will take you across the pristine waters of the Lagoon in Kalpitiya towards the sand dunes and Salt Pans in a distance. The little fishing villages and local community living on the border of the Lagoon and the stretch between the lagoon and the mighty ocean will let you see the hard work the locals put in to earn their livelihood from the locally available natural resources. From small fishermen to the large-scale fishermen share the same space in the lagoon. Shrimp farms which are a booming business in the Lagoon area of Kalpitiya can be observed in a distance.

For the Nature lovers young and old the time spent on the boat will give you a delightful surprise of the Marine life in the Lagoon. One can have a closer look at the diversity of Flora, Fauna, and bird’s endemic and common creatures to the area that make the Lagoon their habitat.

Almost the lagoons are bordered with luxury hotels and restaurants. Even though with comfortable accommodations and helpful staff in the hotels will make you feel that this is the ideal place to get away from hectic life style. Recently more and more foreign visitors were visiting the lagoon. The outlook to the sea from the sandy beach is a nice setup. Perhaps you can indulge in kite-surfing with the children around the area too.