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This 3-hours private jeep safari in Kaudulla National Park will be a thrilling experience during your visit to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Safaris in Kaudulla can be done in the morning or afternoon. The afternoon safaris are less busy but it is better to spot elephants. During the drought period, elephants move to the Minneriya National Park in search of food and water. October is the season for Kaudulla; thus, you can see as much as elephants here.

The park has opened in 2002, is surrounded by grasslands and can be visited year-round to see elephants and other great wildlife. Kaudulla National Park, 6,900 hectares in extent, is one of the more recently established National Parks in Sri Lanka. It is situated 197 km from the City of Colombo, in the North Central Province, just 30km away from Polonnaruwa. Kaudulla is historically important as it is one of the famed 16 irrigation tanks built by King Mahasen in 1959.

The best time to visit Kaudulla is between July and December but as mentioned before, this is a year-round destination. The Gathering around the water reservoir takes place in the dry season from July to October.

Kaudulla National Park is one of best national parks to spot Elephants in Sri Lanka. Herds of elephants can be spotted in this park, even with small elephant babies! Now there are over 26 different national parks in Sri Lanka, but there is simply no competition with Kaudulla for being the absolute best option for getting up close and personal with elephants in their natural habitat. It’s truly an unbelievable experience to see these magnificent creatures roaming around this wide-open park complete with grassy plains alongside huge lakes, and never in your life and you would be quite literally surrounded by elephants in every direction!

Besides from elephants, there is so much more to see. Youi will witness 24 species of mammals such as Sambar deer, Axis deer, Monkeys, Wild boar, Chevrotain, Sloth bear and the more elusive Leopard and Grey slender loris. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the endangered rusty spotted cat trying his luck at fishing for its supper.

Birdlife International has recognized Kaudulla National Park as an important bird area, where 160 of species of birds have been identified; some of them are Spot-billed pelican, Lesser adjutant, Asian spoonbill, Grey-headed fish eagle, Black-headed ibis, Painted and open-billed storks, Peacock and the Giant eagle. However, the photographer’s favourite are the thousands of pelicans flocked together enjoying the water at sunset.

Also 26 species of fishes; 25 species of reptiles; Freshwater turtles such as the Indian Flap-shelled turtle and Indian black turtle and an endemic species of amphibians are identified here at Kaudulla.

We provide light refreshments and water bottles during the safari.