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Fish Market in Negombo (Lellama)

Locally popular as Lellama (Lel-La-Ma), it is the second largest fish market in the country. It is situated at the north end of the Negombo Lagoon and can be seen across the lagoon bridge, which is also known as Munnakare Bridge. Approximately 4,000 boats depart to sea from here every day. Starting from 3:30am, the market is busy and thriving throughout the day, with individuals vending and bargaining over fish.
This vibrant market gives tourists the opportunity to purchase fish and meet the local fisherman. It also provides the chance for them to organize fishing trips and boating excursions into the lagoon and ocean as well as learn about the fishing industry. The market is closed only on Sundays, as most local fisherman in the area are Catholic and therefore attend church.