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Explore the simplicity of Sri Lankan village life in Dambulla which is located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This tour will leave you truly Sri Lankan holiday experience!

You will be welcomed by a local guide with a big smile and give a briefing about the tour. You will do a guided walk along the narrow tracks and witness the natural beauty of the countryside of Dambulla. Your local guide will share nice stories with you about their daily routine; occupations; etc.

Start to explore the village by getting-into a bullock cart which is very interesting experience that allows you to hug nature. Ride passing rice fields; vegetable fields and chena cultivations. This might be your first experience in your lifetime to do a bullock cart ride. In the past bullock cart is commonly used as the primary mode of transport in rural Sri Lankan villages. Don’t miss to request from your local guide to give a chance to ride the bullock cart by yourselves, which will be definitely an amazing memory!

You will end at the banks of an artificial reservoir where you will continue your journey with a traditional catamaran ride. You will witness many types of aquatic and plant life; catch sight of an occasional crocodile or water monitor. While your catamaran ride, your local guide will pluck fresh lotus flowers & lotus leaves from the lake and make a lotus garland and a nice hat of lotus leaves for you.

This catamaran ride will reach you to a village house where you can enjoy a typical Sri Lankan countryside hospitality. A village woman will come and warmly greeted you with a nice smile saying ‘’Ayubowan” (May you live long!). You will engage in a cooking demonstration on traditional Sri Lankan cooking with the village woman. She will teach you the secrets to make your food appetizing with a better aroma.

Once the cooking demonstration is done, start to enjoy a delicious authentic lunch made by your own attempt. Enjoy your lunch with clean lotus leaves on top.

After an authentic encounter with the local village folk; experiencing their lifestyles, their culture and their hospitality, you will be moved back to the tour starting point by tuk-tuk with lots of unforgettable memories!

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