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Embark on an unforgettable cycling adventure in Bentota's picturesque countryside, where you'll be greeted by lush tea and rubber plantations, charming villages, and tranquil riverside landscapes. As you meet your cycling guide at the lobby of your hotel, get ready to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of Sri Lanka.

Setting off from Bentota, your journey begins with a leisurely ride through the verdant countryside, surrounded by emerald-green tea bushes and towering rubber trees that line the winding roads. The idyllic landscape is alive with the sights and sounds of rural life, offering a glimpse into the daily activities of locals amidst breathtaking scenery.

Your route leads you to a serene river, where a unique experience awaits – crossing to the other side using a local ferry, bicycles in tow. Glide across the tranquil waters, soaking in the panoramic views of lush riverbanks teeming with vibrant birdlife and occasional sightings of land monitors basking in the sun. Upon reaching the opposite bank, enjoy a refreshing light treat of king coconut, perfect for recharging before continuing your cycling adventure.

With renewed energy, embark on the second phase of your journey, pedaling through charming villages and rural landscapes. Encounter friendly locals going about their daily lives, observe children playing in the streets, and admire traditional homes adorned with colorful flower gardens.

As you cycle through the village, take the opportunity to interact with locals, gaining insights into their way of life and cultural traditions. Experience the warm hospitality of the Sri Lankan people as you exchange smiles and greetings along the way.

Covering a total distance of 30 kilometers in flat terrain, this guided tour is suitable for cyclists of all levels, whether seasoned riders or novices. It promises an exhilarating and immersive experience, allowing you to connect with the natural beauty and authentic charm of Sri Lanka's countryside.

In conclusion, a cycling tour of Bentota's countryside offers an unforgettable journey through lush landscapes, charming villages, and tranquil riversides. With opportunities to witness diverse wildlife, interact with locals, and savor the flavors of Sri Lanka, this guided adventure promises a perfect blend of culture, adventure, and natural beauty. So hop on your bike and let the exploration begin!






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