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You will board the train from Ella Railway station for a scenic train journey to Haputhale station. On arrival to Haputale town, start the walk to the Adhisam Bungalow.  You will walk by passing the tea plantations, jungles and villages who are selling the strawberries long the way. Adisham is a monastery run by Benedictine Monks. It is also named as St. Benedict's monastery. The pages of history reveal that the creator of this enthralling place is Sir Thomas Lister Villiers. Sir Thomas was born in 1869 in Adisham, an ancient village which lies in the hollow of the Kent country side. Wrapped in the tranquility of the misty hills, Adisham Bungalow attracts every eye that falls on it. 

This beautiful Benedictine monastery once belonged to tea planter Sir Thomas Lester Villiers. To recreate his English lifestyle, he developed some English country-cottage gardens, which are still enchanting visitors today. Inside, visitors are allowed to see the living room and library, which is filled from floor to ceiling with dusty tomes. If you like the monastery so much you want to stay, well, you can, as there's a small guesthouse. No photography is permitted inside the building.

And Adisham monastery is an attraction not to be missed. A short drive from Haputale town will lead you to this absolutely gorgeous place. Adisham, a monastery run by Benedictine Monks, is wrapped in the tranquility of the misty hill. Surrounded by a birds’ sanctuary and a thick forest cover, Adisham is an ideal place for you to enjoy nature during your holiday in Sri Lanka.

When considering the history of the Bunglow, Adisham is an old-day colonial British bungalow, later converted to a monastery and run and maintained by Benedictine Monks. Adisham St. Benedict’s Monastery occupies an extent of 12 acres of land and the bungalow consists of forty rooms. Visitors can enjoy a scenic beauty around the monastery garden with lovely flower beds. Beautiful Orchids and Roses are planted on this garden. The upper side of the monastery is a forest and a bird sanctuary.

Adisham Bungalow is only 4 km away from the Haputhale town and a 2 hour drive from our Oliphant bungalows in Nuwara Eliya. You can take a three-wheeler from the town towards the monastery or ride your own vehicle to reach there. Walking is also a good option.

Adisham bungalow was built by an English planter, Sir Thomas Lister Villiers. He came to Sri Lanka as a young man in year 1827 via a ship which was used for tea transportation.

Sir Thomas worked for George Stuarts tea industry from 1928-1948. Construction of this bungalow started in year 1927 and completed in year 1931. After retirement of Sir Thomas, ownership changed to Sedawatte mills in year 1951. Conversion of this bungalow to a monastery was as a result of purchasing this by Roman Catholic Church in year 1961. The monastery is open for public only on weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

If you visit this beautiful place, don’t forget to buy some organic products made in Adisham. Adisham maintains the orchards surrounding the monastery. The Monks together with a few villages come to work there, cultivate strawberries, guavas, oranges and other vegetables. The fruits collected from the orchards are used to manufacture delicious jams, chutneys and cordials. The income from sales is used to maintain the monastery.

All of the Adisham Products are natural and loved by many. They make tasty jams, jellies, chutneys, syrups, sauces and cordials. Soursop, mango, ginger, mixed fruit, pineapple and passion cordials, wood apple, strawberry, tomato, orange marmalade, pineapple and peach jams, mango and ambarella chutney, mango, nelli and peach in syrup and delicious guava jelly are among their products. 

In the afternoon, you will walk to Haputale station for your ride back to Ella.