US confirms support for tourism sector recovery

27th Annual General Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka was held at the Montblanc, Movenpick Hotel, Colombo. There, Us Ambassador for Sri Lanka and Maldives Alaina B. Teplitz yesterday said that US is supporting Sri Lanka for fast recovery of its tourism industry from the Easter attacks.

She said they are looking at a US- Sri Lanka tourism alliance and they love the Sri Lankan initiative and support for Sri Lankan curriculum by providing vocational and technical educators.She said the businesses concerned have created 8,000 jobs. “Over 5,000 micro enterprises have benefited from our support,” she said.

She said the US government aims to achieve free, fair and reciprocal and transparent economic growth through its programs.
“We believe that this growth could be achieved only with the partnership of the private sector,” she said.Once the program is accomplished there will be two components, the transportation infrastructure and land administration sectors, which are identified as the key elements of the program.She said these are programs of the government, and there are no new programs envisioned under the MCC Development Assistance Program.

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