Shore Excursions From Hambantota Port

Hambantota is one of the main sea ports in Sri Lanka located at the tips of the southern beach. This Port is located in a strategic shipping route between Malacca Straits and the Suez Canal, that links Asia and Europe. This port is one of the latest additions to the port collection of Sri Lanka and managed by the Chinese on a 99-lease agreement.

Hambantota habor is located very close to the most famous Wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. Among them the Yala National Park is the most iconic National Park which is well known among the tourists for its high density of Leopards. In addition to the Leopards, Yala National Park is home to many animals such as Sloth Bear, wild buffalos. elephants, crocodiles, dear, monkeys, peacocks, wild boar and many other animals. 

Bundala National Park is another wildlife sanctuary located near the Hambantota port. Shore excursions from Hambatota harbour is mostly done to this wonderful small national park to witness the life of the birds. It is one of the paradises for the bird watchers. However, elephant, dear, monkeys, crocodiles can be found during your day tours. Safaris in these two national parks are very common activities of the cruise passengers. However, Udawalawe National Park is also just a one-hour drive from the Hambantota harbor.

Udawalawe National Park is one of the most famous national parks in Sri Lanka to witness the Asian wild Elephants. Most of the cruises that arrive in the early morning hours provides enough time for the clients to book this shore excursion and enjoy the sightings of many elephants. In addition to the Elephants, the clients can witness many other animals excluding the Leopards. Beyond Escapes cruise handling team have got the expertise to conduct these safaris and well equipped to provide a memorable experience during your short stay in Hambantota.

Beyond Escapes operates shore excursions with many sightseeing opportunities and provide authentic experiences to the cruise passengers from Hambantota Habour. Fishing and cooking tours, chena farm tours, off road adventures, temple tours, cycling tours, trekking tours, tuktuk tours, boat tours, jungle and lake dining options and many more other authentic activities of your choice.

With over 10 years of cruise excursion handling experience, Beyond Escapes is one of the top tour operators that should be included in your bucket list when you are visiting Hambantota in your cruise tour to Sri Lanka.


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