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Handicraft of wood carving in Sri Lanka has a long history. To this day the island has dedicated wood carvers, who lovingly and painstakingly adorn their wood carving works of art until they become true masterpieces.

There are many beautiful handcrafted wares that you will be able to buy when traveling in the island. A wide range of handicraft items like wall hangings, fancy jewellery, figurines, sculpture, lacquer products, gift boxes, toys, educational items for pre-school children, household items are available in Sri Lanka at attractive prices when you go souvenir shopping in the island.

Wood carved statues of Buddha are quite common in Sri Lanka. The island, in which a majority of the population is Buddhist, manufactures truly beautiful statues of Buddha from wood. These small statues are kept in homes and worshiped by the devotees all over the country.

You will also find beautiful carvings of wooden elephants in the many gift shops in Sri Lanka. These little ornaments are vibrantly designed and painted to resemble elephants that take part in temple processions in the island. The elephant is an animal that is held in high esteem in Sri Lanka. The sacred tooth relic of Buddha is also carried around the streets of Kandy on the back of an elephant, during the Kandy Esala Perahara, the annual procession of Sri Dalada Maligawa.

Here you will get live wood carving experience at a small wood carving factory in the Village of Matale. You will also engage in Carving wood and learn something about these historical crafts.