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Walawe river safari is an exciting unique boat safari proceed by a community group and they awarded for this program as the best community-based tourism project in Sri Lanka. Ambalantota which belongs to the Hambantota district has given birth to this project.

You will do a Tuk-Tuk ride to Ambalantota where you start a memorable Boat ride in Walawe River. Take an unforgettable journey sailing down on this majestic river. As you go down the river, listen as peacock call from their roost. White bellied sea eagles soar overhead, cormorants spread their wings to dry, and curious langur monkeys watch from through the trees. The lucky naturalist might even spot a crocodile before it sinks beneath the surface.

Half way through you will be stopped at a beach and you can walk along it to capture some nice photographs. Enjoy a king coconut and get refreshed you souls. You will witness trees full of sleeping bats, water buffaloes paddling along, a giant croc peeking out of the water, etc. Another awesome point you will meet is where the river turns into the sea.

This Walawe River Safari will be a lifetime memorable experience for you where you can discover many natural wonders in Sri Lanka!