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Thalakote Wewa is located in Sigiriya. This is about 5.2km long village trail which takes about 3 hours. This trail is going through few jungle patches or chena cultivations, paddy fields.

The terrain is flat and easy walking. You will be able to peep into the dry zone farmer’s life. The region is scenic with ploughed fields & cultivated land. This a very primitive agricultural method where farmers slash and burn jungle patches for cultivation of short-term crops. They mainly depend on rain water and there will not be any major field preparations. Farmers usually rotate between 2 to 3 land plots.

You will get the opportunity to have a glimpse into the lives of these villagers. It provides a life line of water to many villagers in the area to cultivate their crops. Paddy, onions and other varieties of vegetables are grown using the water obtained from this tank. You will do an exciting kayak ride across the water & if you wish, you have an opportunity to bath at the lake.

You can see many Tree houses, a semi-permanent tall structure constructed by wood where farmers spend the night time. They take turns to be up during the night to have an eye on their crops which are easy edible targets for wild elephants and other animals. Keeping the "camp fire" alive is also an important duty! They communicate with each other by hooting, and in no time, they will wake you up if they spot an intruder in the vicinity. Throughout the night, the farmers take turns on lookout duty, keep the campfire burning and sing folk poems to stay awake.

You will also get a chance to enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan meal at a village household or nice location nearby lake called Wadiya. Here you can interact with the typical villagers and share your valuable time them. Also, if you could bring a small gift from your country, that would be appreciated by them.