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Meemure is one of the most remote villages in Sri Lanka with a traditional culture and exceptional natural beauty.  The population of Meemure is about 400 with roughly 100 families. This is yet another society struggling to maintain their unique culture in the traditional way. Villagers have built eco-friendly houses using clay and ‘Illuk’ that lasted for 30 – 40 years.  Covering the lush green forest fed by plenty of beautiful waterfalls, the Meemure creates the typical atmosphere of a rural mountain village with authentic cultural values.  Visiting this beautiful traditional village will not only be a community experience but also a rich biological experience of one of a kind. 

This village with a favorable climate belongs to Kandy District in Central province Sri lanka. From the east of this village pyramid shaped Lake gala (high about 1314m) has located. By the west there is beautiful Knuckles. To the north from Meemure there is a forest which runs to ‘Pitawalapathana’ and to south the ‘Heenganga’ rever with pure water flows.

Meemure is well nourished by water as there evergreen rain forest in knuckels (are water falls started from). The highest rain fall to Meemure reports through North East monsoon whole Meemure also gets the South west monsoons showers.