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The beaches of Kalpitiya have been luring kite surfers from all corners of the world, it’s beautiful, rolling sandy stretches adding character to the excellent winds year-round. There are surfing spots tailor-made for anyone and everyone: flat water lagoons for beginners, wave riding spots in the Indian Ocean for the serious kiter, and fun kite surfing excursions to the more- than-a–dozen sandbanks and exciting little islands that sprinkle these lovely blue waters.

The scintillating summer season is the best, and opens a window for enthusiasts from May to October. Strong South-West winds buffet the sea daily, with an average of 20-25 knots, reaching a peak of 30. The winter season is from December to mid- March when the North-West monsoon provide about 15 to 20 knots, about 4 to 6 days a week.

The kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya can cater to beginners as well as to advanced kiters. There are two main surfing sites suitable for those who want flat water, freestyle, freeride and need instruction: the Kalpitiya lagoon and the Kappaladi lagoon. The lagoons are shallow, and will be perfect for your introduction to the sport, as well as for freestyle sessions with its ultra-flat water even with strong winds. On the other side of the Kalpitiya peninsula is the Indian Ocean which offers an exhilarating 500m long wave that unrolls during the South West monsoon period, perfect for unforgettable wave riding sessions.

Available on this site are a large number of internationally qualified instructors at reputable kitesurfing schools with good quality equipment and courses suitable for anyone, ensuring that practically anyone can feel the wild, raw adrenaline burst of the sport. From beginners eager to get started to advanced kiters desirous of learning new moves and savour novel surroundings, Kalpitiya has the makings of the new kite surfers’ paradise.