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Kirinda, known as the town of wildlife is a small port located on the south coast of Sri Lanka about 270 km from the city of Colombo and about 10km radius from the south of the ancient old religious city, Tissamaharama.

Kirinda temple which was built by King Kavantissa can be reach via Tissa- Kirinda road. This temple is located in a rocky hill top just next to the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Due to its location, this temple gives magnificent view of sand dunes beach, the Indian ocean, Kirinda fishing harbor and the rest of the surrounding. In fact, you have to climb a stair lead up to the temple.

Kirinda is one of the most venerated places of Buddhism. This has been built as a tribute to princess Viharamaha Devi’s bravery. There’s a long story behind this temple. It is believed that the Kirinda is the place where Princess Vihara Maha Devi landed after being set coastward. In order to hammer out her father, King Kelanitissa’s sin of killing a Bhikkhu Prince Viharamaha Devi sacrificed her life to the sea. King Kelanitissa murdered a monk by putting into an oil cauldron. It is said that the sea overflow to the country due to the sin is done by the king.

Therefore, Princess Viharamaha Devi decided to sacrifice her life to the ocean. But she was recovered by King Kavantissa who was the ruler of Ruhunu kingdom at that time. King Kavantissa married the princess and governed the kingdom. They had 2 sons. The elder son is the ‘Dutugemunu’ who became a great king of our nation later. Even today we can see the monument constructed to commemorate the incident. So many devotees and tourists visit the temple every day. Concisely, princess Viharamaha Devi has sacrificed her life for her country and she is recognized as one of the heroines of our motherland.

At the corner of this rock boulder, you can see a small Hindu shrine. Hundreds of pilgrims and devotees visit the temple to worship Buddha.

Kirinda temple is an ideal place to away from the hustle bustle of the city. Close to the Kirinda temple is a bass of reefs. Gradually scuba divers are diving in this area.

The temple provides magnificent views of the sand dunes, the Kirinda fishing harbour and the Indian Ocean. Many travelers are attracted to see this panoramic view recently. Kirinda welcomes you all throughout the year.