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Central province of Sri Lanka is home for many scenic venues of the country. Hantana mountain range is one among them and located closer to University of Peradeniya.

The mountain range stretches from Galaha to Kandy. The mountain range of maximum height (nearly) 4200 ft consists of seven peaks and the highest peak is named as Uura Kanda. In 2010 February, the Hanthana mountain range area was declared as environmental protection area. Presently the department of forest conservation governing the mountain range area. From the highest peak of the mountain range every hiker can adore the panoramic view of the surrounding and grassy land. Also the mountain range is famous for communication purposes. Travellers can enjoy the grassy lands, smooth cool breeze, flora and fauna along the path well.

The Hanthana mountain range reached more popularity because of mountain hikers, adventure travellers and nature lovers.

Hantana Mountain range is made up with various mountain peaks and it is a popular destination among the mountain hikers. It lies in central Sri Lanka, bordering the south-west part of the Kandy city. The mountain range consists of seven peaks with the maximum height of 3800ft. The scenic beauty of Hantana mountain range is very admirable. The length of the trekking is 6 kilometers. You will be provided snacks and water bottles during this trekking.