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The Gayathri Peetam was founded by Gayathri Siddhar Sri Murugesu Maharishi. The Gayathri Cathedral also known as Sri-Lankatheeswarar Temple which he built is situated in an area where Swamiji fondly identify as Sri-Nagar which means the Metropolis of Prosperity, at Lady Mc-Callum Drive Nuwara eliya, a Colonial township known as the "Little England" for it's breezy atmosphere to the outside world and the Islanders. The Location of Gayathri Peetam is easily accessible from Nuwara Eliya city, Residing just within the 1 KM radius from Nuwara Eliya city with parking facilities available.

Nuwara eliya is a mountainous town situated above 7000 Ft. above Sea level at the central province in the island, built around a chilly lake surrounded by lush Tea gardens, abundant vegetable cultivation , stunning water-falls and Virgin woodland.

he Gayathri Cathedral also known as Sri-Lankatheeswarar Temple is the very first temple dedicated exclusively for Goddess Gayathri. The Gayathri Vedic Mantra is chanted in this temple incessantly.

The Location of Gayathri Peetam is significant. Gayathri Siddhar chose this place because it was a spiritual revelation and also it was confirmed by Maharishi Sivabalayogi Maharaj. It is believed that the Tri Moortis - Siva, Brahma and Vishnu, appeared here when prince Mahenadan also known as Indrajit - The son of an ancient Sri Lankan King Ravana Performed Siva Thapas and Nikumbala Yagna.

The "Athmalingam" consecrated here was sanctified and declared as "Sri Lankatheeswarar" by great indian sage Sivabalayogi Maharaj himself. Furthermore, The "Athmalingam" was brought here from North India (Narmada river), where Germans found 108 Lingams from the same place. Later Gayathri Siddhar found this and brought back all 108 lingams to this place. The Gayathri Siddhar's divine vision is to build a Sivalaya for these 108 lingams, and currently the construction is in progress now.