Sri Lanka tourist arrivals improves by 83 percent in July

When looking at the tourist arrivals in July, there is an improvement of 83 percent from a 57 percent fall in June and a 71 percent fall in May.But when it compares to the last year july,Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals for July 2019 were down 46.9 percent to 115,701, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority said.
The Easter Sunday attack by Jihadist terrorists on three churches and three luxury hotels killed over 250 persons including 44 foreigners.Global travel publications such as Lonely Planet and Travel and Leisure have continued to support Sri Lanka as one of the world's top destinations despite the terror attacks.
Foreign states removed their travel advisories on Sri Lanka in June.The tourism industry is recovering faster than expected, analysts say.And, the Sri Lankan government is yet to launch a public relations and advertising campaign to generate interest in Sri Lanka due to delays in the procurement process.
However, a budget promotions campaign was launched in India, while the government also removed visa fees for 48 countries and lowered airport charges to reduce airfares to Sri Lanka.


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